Pubg mobile 0.10 update : Vikendi snow map and more

Pubg mobile is one of the most popular android game of the year and recently it won the title of “the best Game of 2018 on google play store”.

Pubg mobile has almost 20 million active users every day and Tencent Games is doing their best with each update to maintain the number. In the past 6 months or so, they have successively added FPP mode, sanhok map, flare drop, new guns and vehicles which got a positive response from the players. From the past couple of months, snow-map is on the limelight and players are very excited about the map.

Well for the PC version of the game, testing servers have already started testing the Vikendi map – the official name for snow-map and it will come to consoles in January. Well according to the rumours, Pubg mobile players don’t have to wait for long as Vikendi map could be seen in the next update 0.10 which will release around 20th December.

Besides the new 6 x 6 Vikendi snow map, the update will come with some UI changes, new gun MK47 , new weather mode -snow, Snowball fight for vikendi and other improvements.

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